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These are the questions we hear a lot. Take a look at the answers below.

1. Join the Partner Community to begin the process.

2. Build Your Solution. Leverage the tools and resources available on Partner Community.

3. Start your AppExchange Listing. Provide details about the solution and pricing information.

4. Complete Security Review. Ensure your solution meets Salesforce’s strict security requirements.

5. Publish your listing. Create the perfect AppExchange listing and get in front of customer.

Through the AppExchange Partner Program, we empower ISVs, entrepreneurs, and developers to be a part of the thriving Salesforce economy to create innovative apps while growing their businesses exponentially. By joining the program, you get access to:
  • 150K+ Salesforce customers through AppExchange, the world's leading marketplace for enterprise cloud solutions
  • Salesforce Platform technology to help you create the most powerful and competitive solutions
  • Resources to help you grow your business, achieve scale, and potentially see long-term profitability

Learn more about ISV partner benefits here.

The timeline to deploy your solution in market on AppExchange varies greatly based on when your solution is in development as well as Salesforce's approval of your company and technology trust requirements. The average timeline is around three to six months, but could take upwards of a year based on where you are in your application development process.

The Salesforce Partner Program supports the following partner types:

ISV Partners: Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are partners who have built a product on the Salesforce Platform. ISVs take the highly customizable Salesforce Platform and create something unique that does not come out of the box with Salesforce.

Consulting Partners: Consulting partners help customers build, configure, or optimize their Salesforce environment. Typical projects consultants might help with include data migration, building customizations, or helping develop a technology strategy for your organization. There are many different types of consulting partners which specialize in different areas.

Product Development Outsources (PDOs): A Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) helps partners navigate the waters of building and publishing an app on AppExchange.

There are two fundamental ISV partnership categories which are largely determined by who the solution's end-user is:

ISVforce: ISVforce solutions have a dependency on Salesforce technology (e.g., Sales and Service Cloud). ISVforce solutions must be sold to existing Salesforce users. Customers use their existing licenses to access the ISVforce solution.

OEM: OEM solutions do not have a dependency on the core Salesforce technology, nor must they be sold to existing Salesforce users. However, a company could be using Salesforce and a department within that organization could use the OEM solution seamlessly. OEMs deliver a Force.com Embedded Edition User License (e.g., a Salesforce Force.com License with contractual restrictions) along with the app.

Yes! It possible for your company to be registered as both and operate the two partnerships from the same account. You do not need to sign up twice.

You can review our AppExchange Partner Program Overview Guide for information on the partner program design, benefits, and model.

We succeed when you succeed! Salesforce engages in a revenue share economic model that is dependent on the app distribution option that the partner chooses. Learn more about Salesforce's program economic model here.