Extend Work.com as a partner to deliver new apps, expertise and services

Reopening will be a journey. Work.com is our customer guide. Our partners will help our customers manage crisis today and thrive tomorrow.

Choose Your Path to Contribute to Work.com

Your partner apps and services can help customers customize and extend Work.com to deliver value and results, faster.

I’m new to Salesforce and want to build and sell an app for Work.com
New Consulting or Advisory Services
I’m new to Salesforce and want to deliver consulting or advisory services for Work.com
Existing ISV Partners
I’m an existing ISV partner and want to build a new app for Work.com
Existing Consulting and Advisory Partners
I’m an existing Consulting or Advisory partner and want to deliver services for Work.com

Partner Resources for Work.com


Blog: Build a Work.com app for AppExchange

Learn how you can build apps that integrate with Work.com apps and data.

Quick Start: Build a Work.com App for AppExchange

Learn how to build your first app that extends the Work.com Workplace Command Center.

Developer Tool Kit: Work.com for AppExchange Partners

Find the developer tools you need to build, distribute and support a Work.com app

Accelerate Delivery: Crisis Response Developer Portal

Leverage integration templates, APIs, and more from MuleSoft, industry leaders, and trusted sources.

Learn about Work.com

Work.com for customers

Work.com helps any sized organization, community with a suite of apps, services and expertise to reopen safely.

Work.com partner apps on AppExchange

Visit go-to destination for customers to extend their Work.com Command Center through the many stages of change.

Playbook: Start planning your response journey

Use this versatile framework to stabilize your business, reopen your workplace, and accelerate change to grow in the next normal.

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View the Privacy and Ethical Use Principles Guiding our COVID-19 Response
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